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Hyundai Elevators and Escalators & Travellators

Hyundai Elevators

The high-speed “variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF)”elevators have a high precision inverter drive system and advanced microprocessor control. The VVVF inverter controls the motor speed at the optimal level by changing the voltage and frequency continuously to provide a smooth and comfortable ride and sharply reduces electricity consumption. These best international standard elevators blend best performance, functionality and design and offer a very smooth ride. Elevator car designs are varied. While the world-class Hyundai elevators offer the latest in safety, their compact design allows their installation in minimum-sized well ways.

Hyundai offer a wide range of lifts, in the following categories:

  • Passenger & service elevators
  • Observation elevators (or “capsule lifts” or “wall climbers”)
  • Hospital bed elevator (stretcher lifts)
  • Freight or foods elevators
  • Automobile elevators (car lifts)

Hyundai Elevator Speeds

Hyundai offer the following speed range for common passenger and service elevators with different drives:

  • Traction drive: 1.0 & 1.5 MPS
  • MRL (gearless): 1.0, 1.5 & 1.75 MPS
  • Gearless overhead: 1.75 to 6.0 MPS (also available for speed 1.0 & 1.5 MPS)

Hyundai MRL & Overhead Gearless PMSM Drive Elevators

Hyundai’s MRL elevator employs high efficiency Gearless Traction Machine with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). The equipment occupies much less space than conventional equipment occupies. Similar PMSM motor is used in overhead drive (invariably used at speed 1.75 MPS and above, also available at lower speeds as an option). The highly responsive synchronous motor drive provides a very smooth ride, is virtually noiseless and is highly energy efficient. The MRL PMSM gearless drive was developed by Hyundai in Korea for the first time in the world and is the core technology of Hyundai’s MRL elevators.

Hyundai Elevator Types & Capacities

  • Passenger and service elevators with machine room above as well as MRL drive with capacity up to 24-persons/1,600 KG
  • Observation elevators of capacity up to 20-persons/1,350 KG
  • Freight or goods elevators of capacity up to 5,000 KG
  • Hospital bed elevators of capacity up to 26-persons/1,768 KG
  • Automobile elevators of capacity up to 2,500 KG

Hyundai Elevator Car and Door Finishes

  • MS powder coated (oven baked at high temperature)
  • SS hairline finish
  • SS mirror finish
  • SS hairline or mirror finish with etching patterns (to prevent scratches form being easily visible)
  • Any of the above SS finishes with titanium coating (from brass like appearance)

Hyundai Escalators & & Travelators / Moving Walks

Hyundai escalators belong to an outstanding class of people moving systems. Hyundai offer escalators of different classes for different applications, the best in performance in each class. They are available in step widths 1000, 800 and 600 mm and angles of inclination 30 degrees and 35 degrees.

Hyundai’s standard escalator steps are made of stainless steel. These are colored black or grey by anodic electropohoresis deposition, preceded by extensive pre-treatment and followed by oven baking. The process imparts the sense high wear and scratch resistance. Conventional die cast aluminum steps are also used as optional extra.

Hyundai travelators / moving walks are available in horizontal as well as inclined types (angle of inclination 10 degrees, 11 degrees and 12 degrees). Escalator cleats are made of die cast aluminum.

K-Park Mechanized Car Parking Systems

As against cars being driven (on ramps) or carried (in car lifts) to different levels in conventional multi-level parking, cars are driven at only one level for parking or retrieval in K-park systems. Cars are parked in steel pallets and a target pallet comes up or down to the driveway level at the press of a button, for parking or retrieval. K-park range includes

Such car parking systems or auto parking systems are also referred to by various other names in different parts of the world, such as “auto-parking”, "stack-parking", "mechanized parking", "mechanical parking", "parkomat", “modular parking” etc.

K-park semi-automatic systems are of the following types:

  1. Jack type (option of hydraulic and traction motor drives)
  2. Rotary type
  3. Puzzle type
  4. Elevator type
  5. Horizontal circulation type

Jack Type Parking Systems

Jack type systems are simple, much lower investment systems, suited for valet parking or one-owner two-car situations. One car is parked on a steel pallet above and the other directly on the ground below. The car on the ground has to be temporarily driven aside, to lower the pallet above. These systems can be installed virtually anywhere, at any angle to the driveway, and can exactly double the on-ground parking capacity. They are available in 4-columnversion with hydraulic drive and both 4-column and 2-column (cantilever) versions with traction motor drive.

Rotary Parking Systems

The rotary system is like a mini merry-go-round. 5 to 12 cars can be parked in the footprint of just two cars. Vertical height of 14 M can accommodate 12 cars in an area of just of 30 sqM. An empty pallet to park a car on, or a loaded pallet to remove the car parked on, is brought down to ground level at the touch of a button in a manner similar to a merry-go-round’s operation. Time for the called pallet to come to ground level after the relevant button is pressed averages from 2 minutes to 2.5 minutes, depending on the capacity. Average, energy cost per parking or retrieval operation is under a Rupee at electricity cost Rs.5 a unit. The system is installed on the surface on just sixteen foundation bolts.

Puzzle Type Parking Systems

The puzzle range comes in 2, 3 or 4 levels and permits:

  1. Near doubling of the parking capacity on a slab area with a clear height of only about 12 feet,
  2. Near tripling with (i) clear height about 18 feet, or (ii) clear height 12 feet with pits of a little under 7 feet depth, and
  3. Near quadrupling with a clear height of about 24 feet.

The systems can be installed in basements, under stilts, in open grounds and even on a terrace (subject to it having been designed to take the load of the cars and the parking systems).

Puzzle parking systems are modular – they come in modules of various capacities to suit column grid spacing and can be ordered and installed in a phased manner. The motors used in these are of low wattage (but with high gearing) and have low duty cycles. As a result, energy consumption cost per parking or retrieval operation is nominal. The connected load of a module is low and a 5 KVA generator can suffice to provide back up to a module - it can even serve many such modules with changeover switches. Further, in most cases, it is possible to manually bring a pallet from an upper level to the ground level in case of breakdown to retrieve the car parked on.

Elevator Type Parking Systems

Elevator or tower type car parking system allows parking of up to 50 cars in 25 levels in the area 3 cars would occupy at one level, about 55 Sq.M. It combines the principles of automated storage system and automobile elevator. An elevator gathering up to 1.5 MPS speed carries the car up and down in a steel pallet. A transfer device on it moves the pallet left or right, on to or from forks.

Elevator type system has a programmed controller and the called pallet comes to the entrance level and the door opens at the press of a single button on the operating panel at the tower’s entrance. It takes a maximum of 2.5 minutes from the press of the button to the door opening, with the parked car to take out or the empty pallet to drive the car on to standing in front.

This type of system is recommended for sporadic load (number of persons coming to park or remove cars at the same time) and rather than where a number of persons come to park or retrieve their cars at the same time. The jack type, mini rotary and puzzle categories are more suitable for concentrated load.

Horizontal Circulation Type Parking Systems

Horizontal Circulation system is meant for parking cars in 2 to 4 levels in very tight basements, without any driveways. Its operation is similar to, but not the same as that of, a conveyor. Cars on driven on to or off steel at one entrance at ground level and parked cars circulate in the basement at different levels.



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